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Homework Without the Tears

Limit distractions.

Children and teenagers need a quiet space to complete their homework. Pets, technology and being in a loud space all provide unwanted distraction

Be Positive. 

The attitude you express toward homework will be the same attitude your child acquires. Make it a habit to tell your child that the work they’re doing is important.

Teach Don’t Tell.  

It’s important that when asked for help you give guidance but not answers, that way your student learns the material and concepts. Remember that a lot can be learned from struggle and that too much help can teach your child that when the going gets rough, someone will do the work for them.

Reward effort and progress.

If they have achieved a good grade or stuck with the commitment of completing their maths homework on time (and consistently) make sure you reward with a treat. Encouraging good behaviour is important.


Make sure you turn up to Parents evenings and work closely with your student to.

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