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Resources to help find suitable tutors

Packed full of help hints, tips and tricks to get your child on track with their learning. Safely and effectively.


Resources to help tutors

Lesson plans, tips and tricks to get your tutor business firing on all cyclinders


Working with parents and tutors

Answers to commonly asked questions and guidance from experienced practioners

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Building a community to help students get ahead in their learning

Sharing resources, ideas and knowledge with your peers

About Us

Tutor Koala is solving the problem of accessibilty when it comes to finding a perfect tutor. Easy to navigate, safe and efficent

Top 6 Questions to ask a prospective tutor

It is not easy finding the ‘right’ tutor and you want to make sure that your money is spent wisely. Here are our top 6 questions that you should ask of any prospective tutors

Has the tutor taken the time to understand the specific curriculums? A tutor might be good at teaching algebra but not so strong on multiplication. Do they know how your child will be assessed? All the tutors on Tutor Koala have their exam results available to view 

You should be open and honest about the areas that your child is struggling with. Is your prospective tutor carefully listening to your needs? Do they provide any suggestions at the end of the first meeting?

Do they reply promptly to messages? Are they attentive and good listeners? All these are signs as to whether they will be the ‘right’ fit for your child. All tutors on Tutor Koala are interviewed prior to being allowed into the Tutor Koala community

Its important to measure progress. How will they do this? What strategies / plans have they used before.

All Tutor Koala lessons are recorded. This is to help keep our community safe. Does the tutor make any suggestions as to how you can help facilitate learning? Suggestions alone put the tutor in a good light.


Top rated reviews!
Great resources and using the Tutor Koala marketplace has meant finding a tutor for my 14 year old has been so easy - thank you
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Debra Fuller - Parent
3 January 2020
Learning from other tutors has helped me get ahead. Tutor Koala has given me access to a wider range of students to tutor. I love what I do...!
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Diane Alvarez - Tutor
17 December 2019
We recommend Tutor Koala - its a safe, accessible and cost efficient way of finding great tutors
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Gregory Garcia - Teacher
10 October 2019
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