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Make the Most of Your Lesson

1. Send your material to the Tutor ahead of time

The first thing I recommend is send any material that you have to your tutor before the lesson. This will give your tutor time to go through any issues and make the best use of time for the lesson.

2. Have clear expectations

This is a very important one. Before starting the session, identify the goal that you might have for the session. However, be mindful of the time it can take to discuss certain topics. That is, don’t expect to discuss four chapters in one hour. It’s not going to be beneficial for you or the tutor.

Also, try to be realistic, if you are failing the class and want to pass it, don’t expect that in 1 hour you will understand all the topics to pass the course. Especially with college courses that may have a lot of material to discuss that you need to learn and apply for upcoming courses in your major.

To help clarify expectations, ask questions to your tutor and try to find a plan that fits your needs, and help you achieve your academic goals. You can both establish a teaching or tutoring plan that helps you succeed.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • What is your current grade on the course? What grade would you like to receive?
  • Are you struggling with concepts from previous courses?

By asking what is your current grade on the course, you will know where you are currently standing. This way, you can set realistic goals for what you want to accomplish.

For instance, if you have a D on the course, and you have only month of the course left, then you can establish a plan of action with your tutor or teacher to help you increase the grade and pass the course.

Clear communication can help you as the student get the most out of the session, and for the tutor, he/she can know how to help you the best.

3. Test your connection and equipment

If you are taking an online tutoring session, my recommendation is to be ready for at least 10 minutes before the session starts. During this time, you can test your equipment and your Internet connection. You can make sure the microphone and the video conferencing software you use are working properly.

This way, when the session starts you can get to work and not lose any time. As a result, you can get the most of the money you invest in the tutoring session.

4. Be punctual

Being on time for tutoring sessions can help increase the productivity and effectiveness of the meeting.

Life events happen and might occur before the session that might cause the student to be late, however, always try to be on time.

It will benefit you, the student, greatly, and make sure that you get your money’s worth.


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