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How Can I Help my Child Prepare for Exams?


  1. Make sure they practice exam technique

It’s a good idea practise exam technique in all tasks. Rather than spending hours over your homework, it’s a good idea for your child to set a timer to complete each individual task and see how much they can do in that timeframe. This will focus the mind, they will finish their homework more quickly and will get a good feel for how much time they will have in the exam.
Many students are worried they will run out of time in the exam, as if they don’t have control over it. However, if they start practising time management with every piece of homework from now on it will help when it comes to the stress of an exam.


  1.  Set aside time to study

Today’s kids are busy and hardly have time for themselves. It’s important that they learn to set aside sufficient time for studying.  This means kids might need to prepare for a test a week or two before it is scheduled to be given.


  1.  Prioritise study material

Sometimes kids have a lot of information to sift through as they prepare for a test.  It helps if a student knows what information they should spend the most time studying and what areas they are already strong in. Prioritizing study materials allow students to determine the best way to use their study time in order to get optimal results.


  1.  Establish a routine

Always a good idea as it helps with prioritising. Homework and study should form part of a routine and helps teach effective time management.


  1.  Communicate with the teacher

If there are concerns or questions raise them early. Talk to the teacher. They should be able to provide practical tips, advice, and further details on exams.


  1.  Get the help of a tutor

A tutor gives your child the opportunity to go over more complex areas, reinforce learnings, ask questions that they may not wish to in a formal classroom setting, which will all build confidence. Have a look at some of brilliant tutors (we are a bit biased) on Tutor Koala

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