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6 Ways To Remember Things

In every school subject, remembering information is pretty central. Of course, you need to understand things first (thank you, teachers!), but getting knowledge to stick in your brain is up to you. Some research says that if you don’t revisit a new piece of information within 24 hours after you first hear it, you’ll forget it.

In any case, whether it’s learning a language, absorbing a new set of Maths formulas or memorising historical dates so you can understand how one set of events led to another, knowing how you can get information to make itself at home in your head is a key to academic success. And not getting locked out of the house! (keys, wallet, phone, mask…)The thing is, everyone’s brains work a little differently.

Our uniqueness is what makes us special, and it’s important to understand how our own brains work so we can adapt our learning to fit it. With that in mind, we’ve put together 6 key ways to remember things. You might find one technique that you’ll use for everything, or you’ll likely find a couple that will work best for different subjects.

  1. Using acronyms
  2. Tell a story – speak to ay memory experts and they will always tell you that a visual story will help you remember. Whenever you hear a good speech – it is always the stories you remember
  3. Teach someone else. If you can relay the information then you likely understand the material. If you understand then it’s easier to remember
  4. Pictures. Some people are more visual and as they say a picture can tell a thousand words
  5. Rhyme. Make a rhyme to help you remember key facts
  6. Copy things out. Re – write things and do it again. Repetition can also help get those memory juices flowing.

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